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June 11, 2023

As we've discussed here in my daily notes, with the events of the past six months, it's clear that we are in the early stages of a new industrial revolution -- and it's powered by Generative AI.


"The ChatGPT moment" (as the Nvidia CEO/Founder has called it) was the starting line on a new technology era, and has reset the outlook for the economy and for markets.  The implications of this new industrial revolution are profound, outweighing even the formidable geopolitical issues.   


As an investor, it's a unique opportunity to get involved at this stage.


Remember the First Industrial Revolution with its steam engines and mechanized manufacturing?


Then came the Second Industrial Revolution with electricity and mass production.


Later, the Third Industrial Revolution brought us computers and the internet.


Each revolution opened doors to incredible advancements, transforming economies and creating massive opportunities for investors.


And now, we're witnessing the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where Generative AI takes the center stage. It's like nothing we've seen before. Artificial intelligence is becoming more sophisticated, capable of creating, innovating, and problem-solving on its own. The potential is enormous.


And remember, we're still at the beginning of this revolutionary wave.


The investment opportunities ahead are vast, but should be approached with pragmatism and a research-driven process. 


There will be long-enduring winners.  And there will be flashes in the pan.  How do we give ourselves the highest probability of owning the Amazons, and the lowest probability of holding the AOLs?   


That's where my new AI-Innovation Portfolio comes into play.


I've done the research, dug deep into the building process of this new economy, and identified the companies that are leading the charge in Generative AI.


These are the guys with cutting-edge technologies, innovative business models, and visionary leadership. They're at the forefront of transforming industries and shaping the future.


But the exciting part is not just investing in those leading companies. It's also the tremendous potential for new businesses to form around Generative AI.


Think about it: new startups, innovative applications, and disruptive solutions emerging as this technology evolves. I'll be there, keeping a close eye on the market, identifying the emerging gems, and sharing them with you.  But first, I'll be focused on the "picks and shovels" of generative AI.  And I'll be thoughtfully building my portfolio, stock by stock, over the coming weeks and months. 


Here's how you can join me...  


The AI-Innovation Portfolio is about allocating to HIGH-GROWTH.


For $297 per quarter ($99 per month), you'll gain exclusive access to my in-depth research, expert analysis, and timely investment recommendations focused on the Generative AI revolution.


You can join me by clicking here -- get signed up, and then keep an eye out for Welcome and Getting Started emails from me.  



(Cancel anytime by emailing and requesting to cancel.)  


Time is of the essence. I'm launching my new portfolio service this week!


So get in now.  Don't miss out on taking advantage of this exciting moment in history. Secure your spot today and position yourself to ride the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let's seize the opportunities together.


Act fast, as spots are limited.


Here's to a future filled with exciting possibilities!







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